My Favorite Plant Company is flexible and will take care of your plants or provide pricing to purchase or lease plants perfect for your space.


Interior Landscaping

Interior landscapes provide spaces with color, ornament , focal points, and an overall sense of peace.


Indoor plants

Plants thrive on carbon dioxide, convert it to oxygen and filter the air of pollutants - resulting in cleaner, healthier air. 



Planters can be customized to coordinate with just about any type of interior space.


live walls

Living walls are an innovative and exciting addition to any office environment.


Sales and Service Agreements

My Favorite Plant Company bills clients for services rendered on a monthly basis.  The monthly fee will depend on the services agreed to at the beginning of the service period.


Clients Without Plants

Purchase Plan: Clients purchase the plants and decorative planters.  After the contract expires, the client owns the plants and planters. The monthly fee is for the plant/planter maintenance and guarantee.
Lease Plan: Clients may choose to lease plants and decorative planters.  Maintenance and plant/planter guarantees are included with all lease agreements.   With a lease the monthly fee is higher as the plants and planters are being rented, but the start up cost is significantly lower. Many companies choose this option so they don’t have to come up with a larger initial sum of money.


Clients With Plants

Maintenance/Guarantee Plan: Clients may ask us to evaluate existing plants and submit a proposal that includes maintenance and a guarantee.